At Third Coast Foot and Ankle, we provide custom orthotics with a design, precision, and efficiency that other area practices just aren’t able to match. 

If you are experiencing persistent pain or other symptoms that can be treated with custom orthotics, we want to make sure you are able to take advantage of this exciting new technology that has provided incredible results for so many of our patients. 

We designed our special orthotics package to do just that! Our program provides patients added value, and is in addition to what many insurance plans already cover for orthotics.

Unequaled Custom Crafting with Go-4D

For custom orthotics to have the best results, they must accommodate the shape and needs of a patient’s feet as closely as possible. That is where our Fitstation and Go-4D technology come in.

The Fitstation is a specialized 3D foot scanner and pressure plate not available in all podiatry offices. It collects not only an unparalleled 3D image of your feet, but gathers precision data on the forces that are applied throughout your feet as you stand and walk.

We use all of this information to prescribe the right custom orthotics for your needs, which are then electronically sent to a lab. No more messing around with less accurate plaster or foam molds that can warp or break during transit! 

The lab then creates a superior set of custom orthotics via 3D printing, able to fine-tune the needs for firmness or cushioning in specific areas like never before. The results are durable, long-lasting, and have made a huge difference for patients suffering from persistent heel pain and other problems.

Get a Special Price on Two Pairs of Custom Orthotics

We want everyone who needs a pair of custom orthotics to receive them. In fact, it’s even better if people have more than one pair. And that is why we provide a special package:

  • Receive a pair of Go-4D custom orthotics for $497, and you can receive a second pair for just $297 – a $200 savings!

Why would you want two pairs of orthotics? Because you should have more than one pair of shoes!

Having two pairs of custom orthotics can not only save you time removing and swapping your inserts between the shoes you want to wear, but your second pair can be specifically used for a certain type of shoe as well. Perhaps you could use a pair permanently for your work shoes, athletic shoes, or dress shoes. A second pair can accommodate those needs nicely.

Many insurance programs cover at least one pair of custom orthotics per year, so the value you receive from this package can be even higher than you initially anticipate.

Take the First Step toward Lasting Comfort and Relief

If you believe custom orthotics might be the treatment you need to address persistent foot or ankle pain in your life, we want to help you.

We will always take the time to thoroughly evaluate your condition and provide our best recommendations for your care. We will not push custom orthotics on someone who may not need them. Sometimes other forms of treatment may be best. 

But if custom orthotics are what you need – as they are for many – we want to put you in the best pairs possible!

Please fill out the form on this page to reach out to us, or call our office to schedule an appointment.