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We proudly serve the foot and ankle needs of our communities, providing expert, innovative treatment with a dedication to knowing and understanding each patient who comes through our doors. As an independent practice, we are free to schedule appointments when needed, and the friendly voice who answers the phone will be the same one to greet you when you arrive.

We are now offering same-day appointments to better serve our patients! Click the button below to schedule an appointment!

Get Two Pairs of the Best Orthotics Ever!

Custom orthotics are among the best tools we have to address chronic sources of foot pain, gait problems, and instability. That’s been true for years. But now, thanks to sophisticated digital scanning and medical-grade 3D printing technology, we’re able to create orthotics that are unequaled in terms of precision, customizability, and comfort.

And because we want as many people as possible to take advantage of this exciting leap forward, we built our special orthotics package! You can get a second pair for $200 off regular price—and there’s a great chance your first pair will be covered at least partially by insurance, too. Don’t miss this great opportunity to invest in your long-term health.

Special Package: A One-Two Combo for Lasting Heel Pain Relief!

EPAT can be an effective treatment for accelerating heel pain recovery, while custom orthotics can be a great tool for keeping heel pain from coming back. Why not combine them into a special heel pain-fighting package?

Patients who can benefit from these treatments can receive $100 off the price of their custom orthotics after 5 sessions of EPAT therapy! Get rid of your heel pain and keep it gone!

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About Our Practice

Third Coast Foot and Ankle, with offices in Oak Creek and New Berlin, is committed to providing accessible foot and ankle care to all patients. As a “micro boutique” practice, we have a wide range of treatment methods to meet different needs. Whether undergoing traditional treatments or using the latest technology, however, you can expect a personable and considerate experience.

About Dr. Lucy Meier

Dr. Lucy Meier is a board-certified podiatrist and Wisconsin native who enjoys finding solutions for patients’ foot and ankle problems. She is an expert in both conservative and surgical techniques, and is fond of teaching students and physicians-in-training.